The American Tubs Walk-in Bath Series

Walk in bathtub centered around safety, comfort, and elegance.

The perfect tub for your individual needs.

Our classic series based on traditional walk-in bath designs.  Optimal for bathers between 90 – 200 lbs.
Mini tubs designed to fit small spaces and 3/4 size bathrooms.  Ideal for petite users between 70-120 lbs.
Our deepest and widest models designed for neck-deep soaking. The ideal choice for users over 6 ft. or those looking for full body immersion.
Outward swinging S-shaped doors and an ADA compliant design offers easy access when entering and exiting your bath.

Standard Features

Safety Features

Optional Features

*note: Some features may not be available with certain models. Please refer to your dealer for details.

There are a variety of factors to consider when it comes to pricing.

Bathtub Installation

Standard installation time for a walk-in or handicap bathtub can run between 1-3 days and the cost will depend upon the State in which you reside and the company you choose to work with.

Bathtub size

During your in-home consultation, a representative will assess the walkway from the main entryway of your home, through your house, and into your bathroom. They will take into consideration the size of entryways, hallways, and stairways. They do this to ensure that your new walk-in bathtub can fit easily through these areas and without the need for retrofitting or modification of existing bathroom structures. American Tubs walk-in bathtubs come with a flangeless design and an extension kit to fit a standard, 60” bathtub footprint. This makes the installation of your walk-in tub less complicated and more cost efficient as it eliminates the need for replacing existing tile work. Alternatively, if you were planning to replace the existing tile around your bathtub as part of a remodel, you may opt for a flange kit to ensure that your new walk-in tub remains watertight.

Plumbing upgrades

Typically, no major remodeling is required; however, in some cases, minor plumbing upgrades are necessary to help the bath fill more quickly. Hot water heaters may also need to be upgraded to ensure your hot water can keep up with your new tub’s capacity. A new, standard water heater can usually be purchased for around $1,000. You might opt for a tankless water heater, which allows for ample water capacity, but please note that these water heaters can cost upwards of $3500. If you decide to get a unit with electrical components for therapy systems such as hydromassage, air massage, microbubbles, aroma or chromotherapy, you will need to add a dedicated 15-amp breaker with GFCI grounding to your electrical service. If you plan to opt for an inline heater, you will need an additional 15-amp breaker for a total of two. Depending upon the layout of your bathroom and access to your breaker box, these upgraded circuits will add to the cost of your overall installation. Be sure to discuss this with the electrician who will be involved in the installation of your walk-in tub. Luckily, not every installation will require plumbing or electrical upgrades. Many new walk-in bathtubs require only a standard installation. Make sure to ask your dealer about installation options and requirements before creating your final budget. For more information, see what the installation process looks like.

View Our Standard Bath Series

Designed with simplicity and safety in mind.

Features & Accessories

There are various models from which to choose, and each model can be accented with various features and accessories. From compact, to wheelchair and deep and wide models, and with varying therapy options to choose from, you can customize the perfect walk-in tub for you:

Soaker tubs are great for deep immersion. Basic soaker walk-in tubs don’t come with any additional therapy systems such as hydromassage or air massage. However, they are useful for maximizing the benefits of hydrotherapy and allowing for a safe, satisfying soak.
This is not a feature, but an option to choose a smaller bathtub altogether. It’s an important consideration if you have a small bathroom. Depending upon the size of your ¾ bathroom, these small baths may fit, and they are ideal for individuals shorter than 5’10”.
Handicapped accessible bathtubs have fully accessible slide-in seating and an easy access, outward swinging door. Those with mobility limitations can easily get in and out of the soaking tub and bathe themselves more independently than before.

This system delivers an all-over circulatory massage through 20 state-of-the-art jets placed in key areas around your soaking bath. This is great for those who suffer from poor circulation due to diabetes or various other ailments.

The air massage enhances the effect of weightlessness that the water provides for your body. It actively lowers blood pressure while increasing heart rate for a healthier cardiovascular system.

Tub Features
Ten hydro jets are designed to hit key pressure points on the back, legs and bottom of the feet. Hydromassage briskly stimulates aching muscles and joints and promotes a satisfying spa experience that provides relief from pain and stress.

Benefit from a combination of the air and hydromassage systems. These systems run simultaneously to deliver a light effervescent massage combined with a deep, penetrating massage which combats poor circulation and relieves muscle and joint pain leaving you feeling invigorated and refreshed.

Bariatric tubs are designed to accommodate those who require more space while they bathe. With dimensions that are longer, wider and deeper than a standard sized baths, the bather is free to enjoy deep immersion and more wiggle room while they soak.

Beyond the therapy systems which are available, you may also opt for more practical features that promote a more comfortable and satisfying bathing experience. A few popular add-ons or accessories are:

  • Faucet decks
  • Neck rest pillows
  • Cushioned seats
  • Adjustable shower rods
  • Glass shower doors
  • Shower curtains 
  • L-shaped curtain rods

View Our Compact Bath Series

Space saving bath designed for small bathroom spaces.

Financial Assistance

Unfortunately, Medicare typically does not consider walk-in bathtubs as durable medical equipment. That means Medicare will not help pay for the cost nor its installation. If it is regarded as an absolute necessity with a written prescription, there might be an option for some kind of reimbursement, but not until after you’ve purchased your new bathtub and had it installed. According to, “If you qualify for Medicaid, your state program may offer some financial assistance in the purchase and installation of a walk-in tub.” When soaking tubs are purchased for safety reasons, it may be considered a medical expense. That means that the materials and installation might be tax-deductible as a Medical Expense. If you make modifications to your home to help care for a senior or elderly parent or a family member, you can take advantage of the Dependent Care Tax Credit, according to Consumer Affairs. Before making deductions on your taxes, make sure to check with your accountant or tax professional to ensure everything is filed correctly.
Financial Assistance

View Our Extra Deep and Wide Bathtub Series

Enjoy a deep soaking bath with the therapeutic benefits of the optional features.

Why Should I Consider?

Soaking Walk-in tubs provide the option and features for deep water immersion which encourages both comfort and therapeutic benefits. Your 17” high ADA-compliant seat leaves plenty of room to be fully submerged while remaining in a safe position. If you opt for a tub with air or hydromassage, your comfort level and overall health and quality of life will increase exponentially. On the flip side, more capacity for water means longer fill and drain times. Since the watertight door must remain shut for the duration of your bath, you have to enter before the water fills up, and wait until the water drains before you leave. That means there could be some time where you are sitting while waiting for your bath to fill or drain. Fortunately, our fast fill faucets can assist with filling your bath more quickly. You can opt for our Hurry Drain™ which drains your new walk-in tub in approximately 110 seconds. In addition, you can also opt for heated seating features which will keep you nice and cozy as you wait for your soaking tub to fill and drain.
The CDC has confirmed that the bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house for slips and falls. For the seniors or elderly, and individuals with mobility concerns, the dangers of falling in the bathroom and sustaining serious injury increases significantly . American Tubs walk-in tubs are designed and manufactured to diminish the risks of these types of mishaps. Our baths come with a low, 6” threshold which is much easier to navigate than the standard 30” threshold of a traditional bathtub. Once inside the soaking tub, you will enjoy the added security of a U-bar and an integrated safety bar, both of which allow you to sit, stand, and adjust yourself inside your bath with ease. The non-slip flooring ensures that you remain steady on your feet. The 17” high ADA-compliant seat allows you to recline and enjoy a nice, long soak in a comfortable position. Your soaking baths will also come with either a left hand or right hand inward swinging or outward swinging door, depending upon your preference. Each door is secured with a watertight door seal and a door drain which catches excess water that might otherwise spill onto your bathroom floor. Our soaking baths can also come with an emergency toe drain so that you can drain your tub in the event of a malfunction of the main draining system. From top to bottom and side to side, your American Tubs walk-in bathtub is designed to deliver to you the safest, most comfortable, and most luxurious bath to suit your needs.
Rather than purchasing several items of durable medical equipment for your bath, it could be a prudent investment to consider a walk-in bath instead. Some people purchase or add items like over the tub seats, handrails, non-slip flooring and so on, only to find they are insufficient. A single walk-in bath combines safety features such as non-slip flooring, ADA compliant seating, integrated safety bars, low threshold entryway and more benefits to ensure that you are as secure as possible when you bathe. Additionally, these features are extremely durable and covered by a limited lifetime warranty. In the long run, a soaking tub is an investment in your future security and an improved quality of life.
An American Tubs walk-in tub is designed to harness and maximize the health promoting benefits of hydrotherapy. Warm water lowers blood pressure and increases heart rate which encourages better cardiovascular health. Cooler water causes the blood vessels to constrict which reduces inflammation and helps to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and other forms of muscle and joint pain. Add to this the healing effects of our multiple therapy systems and your walk-in tub can help to increase your overall health and quality of life. Allow our hydro jets to massage deep into aching and sore muscles on your back, legs, and feet, leaving you feeling both relaxed and invigorated simultaneously. Our air massage provides a light, effervescent massage which will improve your circulation and leave you feeling revitalized and refreshed. Both our aroma and chromotherapy options are wonderful, health-promoting features that you can opt to add onto your tub. Aromatherapy utilizes various scents from barks and roots of plants to stimulate your central nervous system, leaving you feeling calm and centered. Chromotherapy harnesses the healing power of various colors of light which creates a healing effect on your mind, body and spirit. When you invest in an American Tubs walk-in tub, you are investing in better health for your future.

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Easy entry and contoured seat design

Walk-in Bathtub Features

Whether you’re just looking at available bath options or you are ready to have a soaking tub installed in your home, getting the right information is crucial. Luckily, you can call American Tubs not only to get a free quote but also to learn the different walk in bathtub collections we have, their benefits, and everything you need to know to make a confident decision. With free in-home estimates, plenty of financing options, and local installers, you have everything you need to turn your bathroom into an accessible, affordable, and safe day spa.
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A significant part of the cost of your tub installation will include the determination and cost of retrofitting. Most companies will need to schedule an in-home visit to determine the layout of your home and bathroom before establishing a final cost. The cost of your walk-in tub on its own can vary depending upon your State and the company you choose to work with. Walk-in tubs prices without installation can range between $3,000 and $26,000 or more, depending upon the various factors already established and any additional features for which you might opt. $3,000 represents the very low-end walk-in tub without installation.
If you are unable to safely navigate yourself over the 30-inch threshold of a traditional soaking bathtub, a walk-in bath is not only worth it, but it is also a necessity for safe bathing and an investment in your future security. It is designed for individuals who are unable to use a traditional bath safely due to mobility issues. According to The Center for Disease Control, the bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house for slips and falls due to wet surfaces and other obstacles. It helps you to avoid these mishaps. In addition, the hydro and or air massage options can be of great benefit to alleviate the symptoms of ailments which cause sore, aching muscles and joints and poor circulation. Walk in tubs are worth it if you are motivated to secure your safety and improve your health and quality of life.
American Tubs has several different collections of bathtubs to choose from and each one has a different water capacity depending upon the weight of the bather within the water. Typically, the water capacity runs between 34-100 gallons, according to the size and model of the tub you choose. When choosing a walk-in tub, you must consider whether your hot water heater is compatible with the water capacity of your new soaking tub. This will ensure that you can fill your soaking bathtub with enough warm water to keep you comfortable and warm while you bath.
Determining whether your hot water heater can accommodate the water capacity of your new tub is essential to your comfort and satisfaction. American Tubs walk-in tubs models run between 34-100 gallons depending upon the bather’s size and the desired water level for each bather. Be sure to check the size of your hot water heater before your consultation so you can make the right decision about which size of walk-in tub you choose.
There are a few heating options with an American Tubs walk-in tub to ensure that your water stays at a comfortable temperature while you bathe. An inline heater can be installed with a 104° F preset thermostat which ensures that safe levels of heat are emitted throughout your bath water while you bathe. If you opt for the hydromassage feature, your tub will be installed with a Syllent Pump. This pump is not only whisper-quiet, but it also provides an energy-efficient alternative to maintaining your water’s temperature. Finally, you may opt for heated seating which conducts heat through thermostatic wiring to ensure that you remain warm not only during your bath, but also while your tub fills and empties.
Absolutely! Each of our stylish faucet decks add-ons comes equipped with a handheld shower wand that is extendable up to 5ft. In addition, you may opt to add other accessories including a mounted shower slide bar which allows you to stand while showering, hands free! Our L-shaped curtain rod and shower curtain and mountable glass shower door are great accessories that can be included to ensure that water does not escape onto your bathroom floor while you shower.
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