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Find the features and options you need to have your best bathing experience. We offer premium amenities, so you get a tub that’s customized to suit your individual needs. Request your FREE in-home estimate today!

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Customize Your Walk-in Tub

Because you deserve the convenience and versatility of a sensational array of options for your health and wellbeing, we provide several, enjoyable features to accent your bath time. Whether you are looking to ease muscle tension, gain relief from troublesome skin conditions, or simply create a spa experience in the privacy of your own home, we supply the perfect accessories to meet your needs. From hydromassage to aromatherapy, heated seats and more, you can design the perfect bathing experience for you and your loved ones.



Medium Hydro jet American Tubs

Hydromassage System

Our hydro massage, whirlpool system is designed to hit key pressure points, briskly stimulating aching muscles and joints and promoting a satisfying spa experience that provides relief from pain and stress. Six energy efficient micro jets, collectively adjustable for pressure, are placed to strategically target the upper and lower back. Four additional jumbo jets, individually adjustable for direction, are located behind the knees and under the feet for an exhilarating massage that will increase your mobility and leave you feeling wonderful. To avoid unsafe conditions and health concerns, there is “Safety Suction” that hygienically circulates the tubs’ water. If hip pain is an issue, talk to your representative. You may customize your walk-in tub to position the whirlpool jets to focus on the hip joint area. Also included is an additional bidet system for personal hygiene with a separate speed control system. Improve your health and pain levels. Blanket yourself in the rapturous effect of hydromassage and take your bathing experience to the next level.

American Tubs Air Jet

Air Massage System

With twenty state ­of ­the ­art air jets, the air massage system provides a light, effervescent massage. To complement the hydromassage system, which specifically targets aching joints and muscles, the air massage delivers an all-over circulatory massage, great for improving circulation and promoting a healthy lymphatic system. The air massage enhances the effect of weightlessness that the water provides for your body. It actively lowers blood pressure while increasing heart rate for a healthier cardiovascular system. For hygiene and easy upkeep, each air jet has an integrated check valve to prevent water from getting into airlines. In addition, twenty minutes after the bath is drained, the system operates a 1 minute, automatic purge cycle to self-clean, leaving your walk-in bath sanitized and ready for its next use. Combined with the hydromassage, or on its own, the air massage system will leave you feeling revived and refreshed.

Chromatherapy light


Homeopathists and Occupational Therapists agree that the use of light therapy is beneficial to physical and mental wellbeing. Chromotherapy utilizes the healing power of colored light, creating electrical impulses in our brains and stimulating hormonal and biochemical processes in our bodies. Various colors, which are produced by an LED light placed in your walk-in tub’s basin, help bring balance and energy to your body and mind while also promoting a sense of peace and calm. You can choose either a manual or automatic cycle. Add a sense of whimsy to your bath time by operating the rainbow mode, which provides the healing effects of all the colors of the rainbow. See the benefits page to read more about the healing effects of chromatherapy and its individual colors.

Aromatherapy essential oil


Whereas chromotherapy uses the healing powers of various colors to promote health and wellbeing, aromatherapy employs scents from various plants and roots to enhance your physical and mental state. Choose from a wide variety of scents with varying benefits. Place a baggy of small aromatic beads inside an easy to use, twist top reservoir. A single bag of beads can provide a week’s worth of scent. This system works in conjunction with the hydromassage system, so that you simply need to turn on your water jets to release your scent. Visit our benefits page to learn more about the various scents and their wonderful effects.

American Tubs Inline Heater

Heated Seat

Using heat therapy or thermotherapy on the seat of the tub adds a deeper level of comfort and rehabilitation when dealing with pain and health issues. By using Thermosoft Fiber Thermic wiring, which uses fibers instead of copper for a safer heat­ conducting environment, this system ensures that you experience a safe, healing, and enjoyable bath that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Leg massage control

Leg Massage Only

This feature works with the hydromassage system. It allows the bather to use the hydro jets with the tub filled only halfway. By operating the back jet control on the tub deck, this system provides a concentrated massage that can benefit tired feet and legs. This is useful for individuals who suffer discomfort in their legs due to diabetes or arthritis. Massaging solely the leg area helps to circulate blood flow in crucial areas while also offering the effects of a luxurious spa experience, reducing pain and encouraging relaxation.

Syllent Pump from American Tubs

Syllent Pumps

The optional Syllent Pump will enahnce the relaxation of your bath time with its whisper quiet operation. This feature works in conjuction with the hydromassage system. It is an environmentally friendly option that takes less energy to run than a standard in-line heater. Additionally, it helps to maintain the desired temperature of your water while you bathe. This high ­performance pump is at the heart of the tub, providing energy ­efficiency, reliability, and safety that you can depend on.

Inline Heater for walk-in bathtub

In­-Line Heater

By using the 104°F preset thermostat and intelligent, high-limit switch, you can maintain a comfortable warmth level for your bath water with this in-line heater. It ensures that only safe levels of heat are emitted throughout the water of your walk-in bath, thus creating a soothing and relaxing experience.

Blue Water with Hydrotherapy Bubbles

Ozone Sanitizer

This all­ natural method, which sterilizes and destroys bacteria, is a great benefit to walk-in tub owners. This system harnesses the electrical energy of light to create an environmentally friendly cleansing effect. The Ozone Sanitizer automatically activates one hour after the tub has been drained, and it leaves no chemical residue, taste or smell. Not only will the natural, anti-­microbial effect extend the life of your tub, but it will also help reduce maintenance and ensure our customers are bathing in a completely sanitized environment free of viruses, algae, odor, and other contaminants.

Emergency Drain

American Tubs offers a secondary emergency drain in case there is a malfunction of the main drain, or the bather is unable to function the drain properly. This feature is activated with a simple push by the bather’s toe on an accessible drain at the bottom of the tub. This added feature offers peace of mind for a relaxing, bathing experience.

Hurry Drain

Hurry Drain™ Fast Drain and Overflow Kit

American Tubs’ patented 2” Hurry Drain™ is specially designed to allow your tub to drain in 110 seconds, depending on the efficiency of your household plumbing. Gravity fed processes eliminate vacuums and air bubbles, allowing for 100% water flow. While adhering to ADA standards, the chrome plated design offers an elegant look which fits most residential plumbing.

Walk-in Tub Door Drain

Door Drain

This drain feeds into the main draining system of your walk-in tub. It provides additional safety by collecting excess water, preventing the hazards of water getting onto your bathroom flooring where slips and falls could potentially occur.

Neck Pillow Black

Neck ­Rest Spa Pillow

The neck ­rest spa pillow allows you to comfortably lounge in peace and relaxation while you enjoy a warm bath. With materials made from the highest­ grade hypoallergenic, this pillow promotes the release of stress and tension at the end of a long day.

U-shaped Grab Bar for American Tubs

Safety U­-Bar

Ergonomically designed, this safety bar adds an extra level of security for bathers. Placed strategically on the faucet deck for ease of use, this feature allows bathers to adjust themselves inside the bathtub while at the same time providing support upon entering and exiting the bath.

Premium faucet from American Tubs

Anti­-Scald Faucet Set

Designed to prevent injuries from scalding water, this specially designed faucet regulates water temperatures by not allowing the bather to raise the water temperature beyond 104°F. This system requires little maintenance. Most importantly, it provides protection for you and your loved ones.

Microbubbles jet from American Tubs


Our microbubbles system provides an invigorating experience that leaves your skin feeling soft and clean for days after using. This system deeply cleanses the pores with bubbles that measure just .01mm, which is about one-fifth the size of a human skin pore. These microbubbles offer many therapeutic health benefits for those who suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. The bubbles gently exfoliate the skin, penetrating the pours, removing dirt and excess oils, and leaving your skin feeling supple, soft, and healthy.

Bathing Support Harness

Our Bathing Support Harness helps individuals with mobility issues and their caregivers. The strap features a large buckle that supports the torso, helping to maintain a bather's stability inside the tub. Bathers or their caregivers can simply adjust the straps to their perfect fit. This feature provides a sense of safety, freeing you to enjoy your bath time without stress.

Bidet Jet

Often referred to as our personal hygiene jet, the bidet option helps clean those difficult to reach areas. Working in conjunction with the hydromassage system, this individually adjustable feature is located on the seat of your tub. It will leave you feeling clean and refreshed.

Roman Faucet Set from American Tubs

Standard Faucet Set

We offer high-quality, standard faucet set options with every walk-in bathtub we manufacture. The options come as five-piece faucet sets which include hot and cold water handles, a convenient diverter handle to operate the hand-held shower, and an elegantly designed fill spout. These faucet options are elegantly designed with solid brass construction and chrome plating to enhance the aesthetic of your walk-in tub.

Low threshold door

Low Threshold Door

Our low, 6 inch door threshold allows easy access to your walk-in bathtub. Eliminate the worry and potential hazards associated with having to navigate your way over the standard, 30 inch threshold of a typical bathtub. This feature helps keep you safe and confident while entering and exiting the bathtub.