5 Reasons Why Walk-in Tubs Aren’t Just for the Elderly

You typically hear about walk in bathtubs for seniors. However, walk-in bathtubs aren’t just for the elderly – they can make a great addition to any home, regardless of a person’s age or mobility. 

Here’s why!

Why Walk-in Tubs are For Everybody


Conventional tubs with a high entry threshold are known for causing falls in the bathroom, because when combined with the wetness of the bath, they can make people miss a step or slip on the wet floor. 

Walk-in baths can be a great solution for anyone with limited mobility, no matter what age. They have a low step entry threshold of only a few inches, which means getting in and out of the tub is easy.

This means whether you have a chronic condition or an injury, you can easily get into the tub to start feeling better. There are also wheelchair-accessible tubs available with an outward swinging door.

Tub Features


Athletes are known for soaking in deep tubs after an intense workout or game. You may also know that seniors do exercises in swimming pools. The reason for both of these situations is hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is the use of water to help manage pain and promote healing. In fact, it has been a proven medical concept since the time of ancient Egypt. 

walk in tubs for the elderly, like conventional tubs, utilize hydrotherapy. However, a walk-in tub can be configured with advanced hydrotherapy options, including jets and air bubbles. The combination of heat from warm water, buoyancy, and massage can help ease aches pains and muscle tension. 

Not only that, but walk-in tubs equipped with these settings can also help those struggling with circulation problems, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more uncomfortable health-related issues. Warm water also releases endorphins, also known as the body’s natural painkillers. 

Walk-in tubs are typically deeper than traditional tubs, but you also have the option for an extra-wide extra deep tub, which allows the user to take a fully submerged bath.

Safety Features

Anyone can slip and fall in the bathroom, not just the elderly. While falls do happen primarily among the aging population, we’re all at risk of a spill in the bathroom because of wet or moist floors. 

With a walk-in tub, young people can be protected from slips and falls too. Other than the low-entry threshold, walk-in tubs come with tons of safety features to prevent this. A non-slip tub floor allows the bather to balance much more effectively when getting in and out of the tub. 

The low entry threshold is also great if you’re worried about children slipping when climbing in and out of the tub. 

Apart from installing a walk-in tub and other safety features in your bathroom, we recommend putting a mat nearby as well. This will help you avoid potential slips on the other side of the tub. Your feet are still wet after all of the water has drained, so it’s important to make sure that your bathroom floor is safe as well as the tub itself.

Deep And Wide Series


Finally, walk-in tubs are designed to be more comfortable than a traditional bathtub, which is a benefit for anyone of any age.

The seat itself is one of the most comfortable features. All you have to do is walk into the tub and sit down. There’s no straining to fully submerge your body in the bathwater, which makes taking a bath much more satisfying. A contoured seat further elevates the experience by providing that extra level of comfort for your behind. 

Because these baths are often wider and deeper than the standard tub, you can expect your comfort level to be further elevated. This means that there will be no awkward positioning of your body to get each limb underwater. In standard tubs, it can be difficult to sit securely and find the right position that allows you to rest and relax. This problem is completely solved with a walk-in tub.

Wheelchair Series

Walk-in Tubs Help You Age in Place

While you may not be old yet, you’ll eventually get there. Children and young people can enjoy walk-in baths, and they’re also a great investment in your future.

Aging in place is a concept where instead of moving to a retirement home, many seniors choose to stay in their own homes, whether it’s for sentimental reasons or to be closer to their loved ones. This allows them to live more comfortably and on their own terms. 

A walk-in tub means that you’ll be able to age in place as the bathroom becomes a safer, more inclusive place after installation. By making this modification to your home now, you don’t have to worry about taking the costs out of your retirement money later an. Also, you’ll have the ability to utilize the tub and all of its benefits as soon as possible.

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