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August 12, 2014
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How Safe Are Walk in Tubs

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bathroom safetyBathroom safety is important. In fact, it is one of the best investments you can make in your home. It not only boosts the overall value of your home but also protects your wellbeing. One of the ways to enhance bathroom safety is by installing a walk in tub. You probably heard so many reasons why people install this kind of bath tub. Have you been wondering if walk in tubs are safe enough for yourself or your loved one?

Walk in tubs are certainly safer than traditional bath tubs. One of the main features that make these tubs safe is the low step-in height. Many injuries that occur in the bathroom happen as a result of the high step-in height of traditional tubs. Stepping up more than 7 inches when trying to get into a tub can be straining to anyone, not just people who have mobility challenges. That’s why walk in tubs have a very low entry point. The step-in height can be as low as 2 inches depending on the bath tub you choose. There are even models with wheelchair access allowing you to get into the shower more easily.

Walk in tubs also come with grab bars which are strategically fitted to give the user adequate support. In traditional showers, most people rely on the towel bars for support, and some of them are not designed to support your weight. Towel bars are also slippery so you can’t rely on them for support. However, the grab bars in walk in tubs are designed with anti slip features to give adequate support. They are low enough for easy access so there’s no chance of getting stranded when using the bathroom.

The other crucial safety feature of a walk-in-tub is the external drain. It is important to ensure that the bathroom floor remains dry. Unlike traditional bath tubs which come with no special drain facilities, walk in tubs have that extra special feature that prevents water from going to the bathroom floor. A drainage system is important because it ensures your tub doesn’t leak.

Walk in tubs also come with a water tight door. Whenever you close the tub door, it seals completely. The weight of the water adds more pressure and compresses the door to seal even further. This is what makes walk in tubs highly leak-proof. Some models can even be used as a shower. They come with a retractable showerhead or you can install a hand held showerhead on the wall.

The tub finish also enhances safety. Most tubs are made of acrylic because of its pleasant look and also the fact that it is scratch resistant. The bath tub floor can be designed to be slip resistant. Some models come with very high end finishes to improve their physical appeal. When choosing a walk in tub, you need to check its safety features. Find out if the tub comes with the right safety features. Remember that every walk in tub must fulfill certain safety standards.

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