What is a Walk-in Tub?

How Does a Walk-in Tub Work?

Walk-in tubs are designed with a door that seals tightly, making it easier for those who want to bathe to enjoy using a tub without the physical effort of getting into a standard tub. These types of tubs are especially important for the elderly or those with impairments who have lost the mobility needed to get in a tub. There are several kinds of walk-in tubs to make life easier for those with mobility issues.

A walk-in tub has a small door that opens for the user to enter and a seat for them to sit on during use. Safety bars are installed for added safety. American Tubs carries numerous soaker walk-in tubs from a standard tub to soaker tubs with jets to help relieve pain and improve circulation.

Built-in Safety Features

Senior safety walk-in tubs are smaller and taller than standard tubs. They are built with slip-resistant floors, a hand-held shower head, a built-in seat and grab bars. Installing a senior safety walk-in tub helps a senior feel safe while maintaining their independence.

Wheelchair Accessible Tubs for Seniors and Disabled Bathers

Wheelchair accessible bathtubs are designed the same as walk-in and senior safety tubs, but the door is designed differently to make it easier for a wheelchair-bound person to transfer herself, or be transferred, into the tub without the use of a Hoyer lift. The wheelchair is rolled up next to the tub and the user can easily slide from the chair to the tub.

Walk-in tubs can be used by anyone. They function as an ordinary tub so the entire family can use it. The major difference is that the user is seated in the tub versus being able to stretch out or lay in a tub as can be done with standard tubs. Depending on the size, most walk-in tubs will fit in the area of an existing shower or shower-tub combo.

Safer Bathing for Seniors

Safety is the key benefit of installing a walk-in tub. These are specifically designed for those who have mobility issues where getting in and out of a standard tub is too risky. So many injuries to the elder and handicapped happen in the bathroom. It is dangerous with unsure footing and wet floors therefore extra caution is taken in making walk-in tubs to provide slip-resistant flooring. Additional safety precautions are also used in walk-in tubs such as grip bars and more importantly the door that doesn’t require stepping over a threshold.

If you or someone you loves has trouble getting in and out of the bathtub or shower, installing a walk-in tub will help alleviate the worry of accidental falls and make for an enjoyable bathing experience.