Walk-in Tub Benefits

A walk-in bathtub could change your life and allow you to age in place and bathe in safety and comfort. Learn why these tubs are the ultimate bathing experience for seniors and others with mobility issues. 

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Walk-in Bathtubs Let You Age in Place

As people grow older, it becomes more important to adjust several aspects of their lifestyles to accommodate their changing needs. One of the changes that might happen around the house as the occupants get older is switching from a traditional bathtub to a walk in tub. Considering that 1 in 3 seniors will fall every year, and sustain injuries from the same, investing in a safer alternative to the traditional tub is a prudent move to make. But what exactly is a walk-in tub and why should one consider investing in it? A walk-in tub is basically a bathtub that is used for the same purpose as the traditional bathtub, but which has been modified with features that make the bathing experience safer, convenient and more comfortable. 

Walk in tubs are made with particular groups of people in mind, especially those that are challenged as far as mobility is concerned. People who are physically handicapped, the elderly and those with physical ailments should especially make use of the walk-in tubs, as the tubs allow them to maintain their independence despite their physical inhibitions. If you have an elderly parent, it is important to have a walk in tub fitted for the very reason that it will keep your parent safe while they take a bath. And even if you don’t have seniors living with you or under your care in whichever way, a walk-in tub is the safest kind of tub for anybody, even those without mobility issues. 

Many people will opt to buy accessories for their existing traditional bathtub when in fact these do not provide the safety and convenience offered by walk-in tubs. Because walk-in tubs come with right-hand or left-hand configurations, you can be certain that your parent will not be inhibited when it comes to bathing themselves, and they will not need to be dependent on anyone when taking a nice soothing bath. Walk in tubs are made in a way that they are watertight even though they have doors, so you will not have to worry about spillages that may cause slips and consequently, fractures. And because walk-in tubs are generally larger and deeper, senior citizens are able to use them for both showering and bathing, while providing comfort and safety.

What Are Some of the Safety Features of a Walk in Tub?

There are several features typically included with a walk-in, including:

Door for easy access: The name of the walk in tub gives away the fact that to get into the bathtub; you have to walk in through a door that is made wide enough to allow entry. Seniors bodies are fragile and getting into a traditional bathtub is tricky and prone to falls, and the walk in tub alleviates this. 

Slip-resistant bottom: Once you are in the walk in tub, it must be ensured that you are not vulnerable to slips when taking a bath. Traditional bathtubs have smooth surfaces which become very slippery when wet. Walk in tubs are made with textured non-skid bottom surfaces to ensure the risk of slipping is completely eliminated. 

Anti-scald technology: You know how sometimes when you are taking a shower or bath, the water becomes too cold or too hot? For a senior, if the water gets too hot unexpectedly there may be dire consequences, including scalding or even slipping when they are hurriedly trying to control the temperature. The walk-in tub comes with anti-scald technology which maintains a constant temperature of one’s choosing. One can therefore take a bath without worrying about interruptions brought about by fluctuating temperatures. 

Walk in tubs also come with built in grab bars next to the door, which gives one something to hold onto when taking a bath or when you need to change position. And speaking of changing positions, the walk in tub comes with a seat which allows you to remain comfortable during the duration of the bath. It is important to not cover the seat with any insulating material such as a towel, as this will bring about overheating. Another important feature that comes with walk in tubs is the auto-gravity purge jet system. This whirlpool system is designed to hit your pressure points to create a relaxing and satisfying spa experience. This system is great for circulation and exfoliation, and is a great gift to give to an elderly loved one. It guarantees a relaxing home spa treatment.

Hydrotherapy Healing Benefits

Hydrotherapy, as the name suggests, is therapy that involves water. A lot of people understand the importance of water in the body, but it is not everyone who knows that water has the same healing effect outside the body as it does inside the body. If you have been taking the recommended nine glasses of water every day, you might be interested in knowing that there is another way you could use water to heal your body naturally, and keep ailments at bay. 

Hydrotherapy works in two main ways. First, soaking in water gives one the sensation of being weightless and relieves the body of the effects of gravity. The buoyancy of water has been shown to reduce the body’s weight by 90 percent which means that there is less pressure on your joints, muscles and bones. The other way that water works to rid your body of ailments is by slowing down the internal organs, in a good way of course. The warm water that you’ll be soaking in while taking you bath in your walk in tub will dilate your vessels and boost your blood circulation, boosting the efficiency of enzymes and endorphins, both of which are important natural pain relievers in the body. 

Many seniors tend to have different ailments, as their bodies have gotten fragile over time. Hydrotherapy is a great choice to promote health and wellness, and works for various ailments. Anybody suffering from joint pains and perhaps even stress should seek to engage in hydrotherapy, as not only does it have great benefits, it also has no side-effects. You may be surprised that you don’t need as many painkillers as you thought, and only need to spend more time in the bathtub. 

Hydrotherapy works in the treatment of various illness and conditions such as arthritis, acne, headaches and migraines, depression, sleep disorders, poor blood circulation and even joint, muscle and nerve problems. The bad news is that as one grows older, time naturally takes a toll on their body, but the good news is that a little natural therapy will go a long way towards ensuring your body does not get overwhelmed. If you have always wanted to get some soothing spa treatment but cannot find time or money to go there, the long term solution is to invest in a walk-in bath tub that has the features needed for a relaxing spa experience.

 Benefits of Chromatherapy

A common therapy that is combined with hydrotherapy for great benefits is chromatherapy. Chromatherapy is a healing modality that makes use of the light we can see to treat various forms of certain diseases. In simple terms, chromatherapy utilizes color to bring about healing. Colors have been used for healing purposes since ancient times. 

Certain colors are associated with the body’s power centers and these have been proven to promote different kinds of healing. For example, red is associated with warmth and circulation, and is therefore used to alleviate back pain, low blood pressure and improve blood circulation. Other colors that are used for healing purposes include orange, which is associated with creativity and optimism and is used to treat kidney issues and skin problems, and yellow, the ‘happy color’ which helps with depression. 

When coupled with hydrotherapy, chromatherapy is highly effective and can be used to bring about healing where various ailments are concerned. Unfortunately, a lot of people who need this effective combination are unable to access it because they have problems that make it hard to get in and out of tubs. And this is where walk-in tubs come in handy. 

If you have always wanted to experience chromatherapy coupled with hydrotherapy but have been locked out due to reasons tied to your limited mobility, walk in tubs are the way to go. When water is coupled with the appropriate colors, your bathing experience is not just about bathing but healing too. While the bathtub may seem like a minor feature in your home where a few minutes are spent every day getting rid of the day’s dirt and grime, it should not be looked at that way. 

Your bathtub can be transformed into a healing station, where members of your household can get half an hour of relaxing natural therapy every day, at no cost. And because you need to make sure all your loved ones are able to access the tub when they need to, a walk-in tub is the best option to settle for. Even though a lot of people understand the benefits of having a walk in tub, many shy away because they believe the costs associated with getting a walk in tub are too high. Walk in tubs range from $3,000 to $15,000 depending on the type, brand and even the features of the tub. 

It may seem a substantial amount of money to spend on a bathtub but it is definitely a worthwhile investment. Not only will you be able to take baths safely, you can also count on getting all the added benefits of hydrotherapy. Besides, remodeling your bathroom in this way it is a great way to improve the resale value of your home. For a reasonable investment of purchasing a walk-in tub you stand to gain a great return on investment, if you do decide to sell your home. Next time you’re wondering what to remodel in your house you now know what to start with. You could start the window shopping early enough, and be sure to check if the walk in tub can comfortably accommodate you before you take it home with you.