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Customized Walk-in Bathtubs

When choosing a walk in tub, it is important to focus on the features that are most important for you. Everyone has different needs and the bathing solution must be customized to suit each one of those needs. Walk in tubs can be customized to suit the needs of the user.

To start with, you can have a walk in tub of your desired size installed in your bathroom. There are standard sizes but you can still choose a small, large or medium-sized tub depending on the space you have in your bathroom and the needs of the user. For instance, if you are installing a walk in tub in your children’s bathroom, you may choose a small one that can be fully customized to fit that space.

Air and water massage jets are usually offered as a separate customization option. Walk in tubs which have these automatic jets are usually more expensive but they are worthwhile. The air and water jets are known to relieve joint and muscle pain. The jets also improve blood circulation allowing the body to completely relax. If the walking tub is for an individual suffering from low back pain or arthritis, the in-built jets are very important features to consider.

Walk in tubs also come in different colors. It is easy to customize a standard walk in tub offered by a manufacturer to suit your bathroom style or theme. You can see tubs designed in different colors and using a variety of materials. In fact, some walk in tub manufacturers even offer an online bath tub design program which you can use to combine any features you can think of and create a tub that is uniquely yours. The online tools are easy to use allowing anyone to design a tub of their dreams.

It is important to choose a walk in tub that is made using the right finish. Walk in tubs are usually offered in different finishes to fulfill diverse interior décor demands. It is important to choose a finish which is not only durable but also blends perfectly with the rest of the bathroom.

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Most importantly, when shopping for customization options, keep in mind your family’s safety. Look for all the necessary features that will make the bathing solution completely safe. If a low entry point is very important to you, choose a tub with a step-in as low as 2 inches high. If the tub is primarily meant to help you sooth body pain, make sure it comes with in-built jets to facilitate this.

Walk in tubs should protect you and your family from slips and falls which are common in the bathroom. Look for a line of tubs that have met the required industry standards. Read a couple of reviews to find out how many customization options the tub offers. Do not compromise on must-have features like comfortable seating and a slip-resistant tub floor. A high end walk in tub should not have limited customizable features even though you may have to pay extra money for them.

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