American Tubs In Wilmington, NC

Authorized Dealer of American Tubs Walk-In Tub Manufacturer Company

shower seat for elderly seniorsEnjoy a warm or hot bath in one of the many walk-in bathtub by American Tubs all by enjoying the many amazing health benefits our tubs provide. With over 15 tubs to choice from our top rated walk in tubs will help you enjoy safer bathing. Our tubs was specifically designed for the elderly, the disabled and for people who are mobility impaired.

Our tubs are made right here in the great USA and we will customize each tub, to help you meet your needs. You will enjoying amazing features like our Hydrotherapy, 60 drain system, cromotherapy, and a lot more.

Our walk-in bathtub are engineered to improve your bathing experience while giving the safety your deserve. Call 626-581-3588 for a free no obligation consultation today.

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