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Discover the Benefits of a Walk-in Bathtub

Disabled and handicapped people can benefit a lot from walk in tubs. For starters, everyone is at risk of falling in the bathroom due to the slippery surface and hard to reach grab bars. Research has shown that more than 4 million injuries occur every year as a result of bathroom falls. Majority of the victims are seniors and persons with disabilities. The risk of falling in the bathroom is higher among people with mobility challenges because obtaining balance in a slippery area can be really hard. This is one of the key reasons why it is important to install a walk in tub if you are handicapped or disabled.

If you consider the money you would spend on medical expenses after experiencing a bathroom injury, you would rather prevent it by installing a walk in tub. In fact, installing this special tub in their bathroom is a much cheaper move than taking your loved one to a nursing home. Today nursing homes charge as high as 40,000 dollars per month. Installing a walk in tub is one of the measures that can be taken to make homes with disabled or handicapped people safer and save money while giving loved ones proper care.

By installing a walk in tub, you will be investing in your own overall health. Most clinicians recommend seniors, disabled and handicapped persons to seek various approaches for preventative care. Installing safe bathroom environments is one of those recommended methods. It not only helps the person to have a safer and more comfortable bathing experience but also regain their independence in the bathroom.

Walk in showers come fully fitted with a number of features that allow the user to shower without any assistance. These bath tubs even come with hydrotherapy features. The user can benefit from a nice hot bath and be relieved of any muscle and joint pains he/she may be experiencing. This is why the shower system is ideal for those people who have undergone hip replacement surgery or anyone suffering from arthritis.

Once you understand the features that come with a standard walk in tub, you would be in a position to know why you need one. The hand rails give the user support when getting in or stepping out of the tub, the low entry point ensures that one doesn’t have to strain when accessing the bathroom area. Some walk-in-tubs even come with a wheelchair access for those disabled people who are always on a wheelchair. These specialized shower systems also have a seat to enhance comfort and prevent any form of straining.

Walk in tubs are very different from the traditional tubs. Every feature is included to make the tub safer and more comfortable for the disabled and handicapped person using it. Everyone needs to enjoy their privacy during shower time regardless of physical ability. Walk in tubs were designed to ensure this remains a reality even to those with mobility challenges.

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Discover the Safety of a Walk-in Tub

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