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Are You Looking For A Safe Walk In Tub?

bathtubs located in los anglesLooking for safety, accessibility and simplicity in your bath tub? With walk in tubs, you can have it all. Walk in tubs have been around for a long time. Modern walk in tubs come with many extra features that make them safer and more comfortable bathing solutions. You can customize your walk in tub to suit your every need.

Most walk-in tubs are designed to fit the space of your traditional tub but you can have one that fills a smaller or larger area depending on the size of your bathroom. You can select the width and length of your walk in tub depending on what suits your situation. For instance, if you are installing this tub to be used by younger children, then you can go for one with a width of less than 32 inches and a length of less than 52 inches.

Other than the size, you can also choose the exact features that you want on your walk in tub. If you are looking for a tub that helps to soothe pain then you can go for one with whirlpool features and air jets. You can even have a combo massage fitted in the walk in tub to get that spa-like experience. You can choose the specific hydrotherapy and chromatherapy features which you want to be included in your walk in tub. The more features the tub has, the higher it is likely to cost.

We Offer Some Of The Finest Walk In Bathtubs In LA

Most standard walk in tubs come in white but you can have yours customized to get a finish that blends well with the rest of your bathroom. Most tubs are finished using fiberglass but other materials can be used. There is also a special gel coat that is applied as a finish to make the tub easy to clean and durable. If you want your tub to display a unique shine for a long time, you can have it finished using a high-end gel coat.

You can also choose the type of door you want based on preference. You may want the door opening to be right hand or left hand depending on preference. You may also want an inward opening door or an outward opening door. Most of the tubs come with a stainless steel frame to enhance durability and eliminate flux, which is a common cause of water leakage. You can ask the installers to advice on other ways to prevent leaks.

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