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Chromotherapy (color therapy) is the use of light and color to promote physical, mental and emotional health and cure diseases. This form of therapy has been used for thousands of years and still remains a popular practice. It utilizes the visible spectrum to trigger healing effects inside the body and to relieve anxiety. But how does chromotherapy work?

According to chromotherapy, the colors you wear can affect your emotional state. Wearing the wrong color if you are feeling anxious can make you feel worse about yourself. In fact, you can use color to analyze people’s moods.

Research has shown that the lack of sunlight has contributed to mental ailments like depression. Each color is known to carry its unique healing properties. The therapist applies different colors and light to improve the energy in areas of the body which are experiencing mental, physical or spiritual strain. These colors are considered to bring about various emotional reactions. The reaction will vary from person to person and a therapist will look at this reaction to determine the areas in the body which are imbalanced. The therapist understands how certain colors affect people positively whereas the same colors can bring out negative feelings to some people.

Chromotherapy has been used to treat anxiety for a long time now. There are certain colors that an individual can focus on and stimulate their nervous system. For example, warm colors- red, orange and yellows are known to enhance physical attentiveness and boost mental energy. Researchers have shown that these bright colors are associated with improved blood pressure and respiratory function. On the other hand, cool colors such as blue, green and purples have an opposite effect. They can reduce blood pressure, anxiety and provide relief from insomnia. Basically, the right colors must be chosen based on an individual’s mental well being.

If you would like to use chromotherapy to treat anxiety, start by selecting a cool color that you find appealing. This can be green, blue or purple. Take a colored sheet or towel (made using the color you have chosen) and gaze on it for a few minutes. Make sure you relax when doing this and allow yourself to focus on that color. As you do this process, you are likely to notice a subtle change in your thoughts and emotions. Stop after a few minutes and see how you feel.

Different colors may bring about more noticeable changes within a short time. Most therapists will tell you to avoid bright colors like green, red and purple if you are using chromotherapy for anxiety. You also need to practice it throughout the day in order to develop more awareness of how each color makes you feel.

Changes are likely to occur in your mental and emotional state if you follow certain chromotherapy practices. A simple exercise like looking at different colors for an extended period of time can prove this. The best way to know if chromotherapy works is to try doing it on your own.