How Fast Do Walk In Bathtubs Drain

American Tubs has a true 2 inch fast flow drain that allows our walk-in tubs to drain in 60 seconds!

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For those who are worried about bathroom safety, walk in bathtubs are an ideal investment. They come with air and water jets, adjustable shower heads as well as inside heating to enhance safety and comfort. One of the most important features of a walk in bathtub is the quick drain. It is very important to consider the draining time before purchasing a walk in tub. The user cannot exit the tub until water has completely drained. The best walk in tubs only take about 1 ½ minutes to drain. A duration that is longer than this wouldn’t make it very practical.

There are certain factors that affect the time it takes for the tub to drain. For instance, the diameter of the p trap that is connected to the main sewer line, will affect the drain time. One of the ways to make the tub drain faster is by increasing this diameter. However, this can result in costly plumbing projects which most homeowners can’t afford.

High end walk in tubs come with what is known as quick drain technology. This is usually an optional feature that you can choose for your walk in tub in order to increase the drainage time. There is an electric pump that is installed and forces water through the drains at a very fast rate. This kind of walk in tub can drain within just 60 seconds.

The only disadvantage of using the electric pump to force water through the drains at a fast rate is that it may end up damaging the drains and p traps. The drainage usually consists of a number of pipes and other components like rubber couplings which can be damaged by excess pressure.

They are designed to withstand natural drainage and that is why the electric pump that forces more water our may end up causing damage. You may have to replace the components after a short time and this can be costly in the long run. Furthermore, the pump can also push the p traps and allow waste gases to penetrate into the home.

When purchasing a walk in tub, always ensure that the manufacturer has taken time to offer a quick drain time which is suitable for residential plumbing. Remember also that the method of installation will affect the performance of the drain. If the tub is not installed properly, the plumbing components may experience damage over the years. This shouldn’t be attributed to the tub or the electric pump but it is because of poor installation.

There are also tubs which come with multiple drains so they take less time to completely empty. However, most tubs which only have a single drain will empty in about 2 minutes. Adding a second drain can improve this time significantly but you will have to decide if you are ready to take on the extra expense. Sometimes, you may not see any significant difference even if you decide to install a second drain. However, your installer should be able to advice you on this.

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