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Happy Senior Couple

The Testimonials of our Satisfied Customers Speak for Themselves

“Love this tub! Everything we were looking for – easy as pie to operate! Highly recommend!” 

– James B., Alexandria, LA

“We highly recommended your tub … We do love it and will recommend it to anyone that asks. Very pleased. Easy to clean and hardly ever needs it.” 

– Virgil and Bonnie M., Coalesburg Il.

“I am 75 years old… this tub will help with my osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and my knee which was replaced in 2017. I also have a rod in my right femur. [When] I lost my husband to pancreatic cancer 3 years ago, I had trouble getting over the tub side and my balance is not that good… I feel so clean when I get out! I’m looking forward to using it more and feeling better. Good product. Made in the USA! Good! 

– Bonnie G., Hastings, NE

“Tub looks wonderful – installed with craftmanship. [The installers] worked from 8 AM and finished at 6 PM. No fiddlin’ about getting the job done. The working area was left cleaned. The tub is very relaxing and refreshing. A very different way of double purposing the bathing experience. We look forward to our bath times. 

– Merrill and Carole C., Westville, IN

“Very happy. Was done in one day. Installer was great. He cleaned up and showed me how to run my new, amazing walk-in tub. Answered my many questions. I would tell everyone this company, as a whole, is amazing!” 

– Dewey and Sharon R., McCook, NE

“My husband and I both experienced a great night’s sleep after using the tub for the first time. It continues to be a great help for stressed muscles. Such a relaxing experience each time we use it. So glad we got this now as it will keep us healthier for many years to come. Love how it keeps water warm.” 

– Tony & Virginia H., Atwood, KS