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Find out how soon you will receive your walk-in bathtub from American Tubs! 

How Long Does it Take to Get Your Walk-in Tub?

We know you want to experience the luxury and safety of your walk-in tub from American Tubs as soon as possible! So, you may ask how much time it takes to get your order processed, shipped, and delivered so that you can start enjoying safer bathing.

Like many other customized products, all of our walk-in tubs require preparation before shipment. Each step in this process helps ensure you receive a walk-in tub of the highest quality that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

According to the model you order and your personal specifications, we assemble your new walk-in tub, customizing it with the features and accessories you desire. Once your tub is built, we run thorough quality assurance checks to make sure everything functions properly. After it passes QA testing, your walk-in bathtub is carefully packaged for shipment, so that it arrives in perfect condition.

Delivery times vary as the average order processing time takes 1 to 3 days and shipping times differ depending on your location. We ship your tub via the best carrier available, based on your order’s shipping requirements and destination.* All of these factors contribute to the length of time it takes to receive your walk-in bathtub from the American Tubs’ factory. 

 To learn more about the time required to receive a walk-in bathtub in your area, please call (800) 577-8475 or get in touch with us today!

*Please note that some countries may charge you a customs import duty tax.

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